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Talawanda-Miami Partnership

Image Of Children at partnership event

Now in its second decade, the Talawanda/Miami Partnership has provided collaborative opportunities for literally thousands of students from both settings since its inception in 2001. Faculty and staff from the Talawanda Schools and Miami University work together to improve learning through the cultivation of mutually beneficial projects, events, and activities.

The Talawanda/Miami Partnership Committee consists of members from both the district and the university who meet quarterly throughout the school year to monitor cooperative activities within the partnership, consider new programming, and surface potential barriers to continued success. This broad-based group consists of educators and community members from all backgrounds who bring unique perspectives to the table and work across multiple constituencies to grow the work of the partnership.

In order to support burgeoning collaboratives, the Talawanda/Miami Partnership awards small grants. Funding proposals are reviewed on a semi-annual basis.

Co Chairs

Holli Morrish, Director of Communications and Public Relations, Talawanda Schools

Brian Schultz, Professor & Chair, Department of Teacher Education, Miami University


*All funding requests due by October 1st.

TSD-MU Partnership Funding Form
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