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Marshall Lockdown 12/12/18

Posted on: December 12, 2018

Marshall Parents:

The Butler County Sheriff placed Marshall Elementary on a PRECAUTIONARY lockdown this morning while they were dealing with an issue in a neighboring area.

There was not a direct concern occurring at the school or on school property, and all students were safe.  The school resource officer was available at all times, and as an additional precaution students had the indoor lunch recess today.

The lockdown was very short (less than 15 minutes). 

The district wanted to share information about the lockdown very quickly, and it was determined that the website and social media would be utilized first.  We wanted parents to know that the doors were locked and that this was a safety precaution issued by the Butler County Sheriff.  The timing of the start of the lockdown and the cancellation of the lockdown would not have given ample time for the all-call to complete the cycle, and then another call would have been necessary to inform parents the lockdown had ended.  Again, the district is trying to provide clear information, and avoid situations that create confusion.  Timing was a primary consideration in this case.  The district used the communication tools best suited for the circumstances in that moment.  It was always planned to share more details with Marshall families at the end of the school day.

Please know student safety is always Talawanda's highest priority.

Thank you.

TSD Communications