Nurses Clinic


Bogan Elementary 
Angie Robinson, LPN - Clinic: 513-273-3401 
robinsona [at] 

Kramer Elementary
Dena Maybury, RN - Clinic: 513-273-3554
mayburyd [at] (​mayburyd [at]

Marshall Elementary
Stephanie Johnson, RN - Clinic: 513-273-3605 
johnsons [at]

Talawanda High School
Linda Dingledine - Clinic: 513-273-3204 
dingledinel [at]

Talawanda Middle School
Terri Horvath, RN - Clinic: 513-273-3314 
horvatht [at]


Butler County Health Department

This site provides information on various health topics such as first aid, safety and illnesses. There are also links for kids and teens. 

Nutrition Explorations: Kids’ Nutrition at Its Best
Cute kids web-site! 

Safe Kids, Preventing Injuries: at home, at play, and on the way.
Excellent website geared toward providing a safe environment for our children. 

American Heart Association
This site is sponsored by the American Heart Association and offers up-to-date education for adults 

Children and ADults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Discover
Web-site dedicated for parents with children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.



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