Library Policies

Policies for visiting the Media Center... 

Check Outs:

* Magazines are checked out for 3 days
* Reference materials are checked out for 3 days
* Regular materials are checked out for 3 weeks 


* NO suckers 
* All students not part of a complete class must sign in. 
* Students who come from study hall must stay until the end of the period. 
* Students should push in their chairs under the table when leaving. 
* Students should put books in designated areas to be reshelved.  

If students want to come to the library during their Study Hall, they must bring their planner to one of the librarians for a pass. As long as there isn't a class scheduled or a meeting, we will give the student a pass. 

If students come to the library on their own, they must also sign in on the Student Sign-in Sheet on the counter. 

Computers in the library are to be used for educational purposes only. 

Policies for overdue and lost books... 

Late books are charged a fine of five cents (5¢) per school day for each day that the item is late. 

Reference books may only be checked out for 3 days. Weekends count as one overnight. Late reference books are charged twenty-five cents (25¢) per school day. 

Periodicals may be checked out for 3 days and are charged twenty-five cents (25¢) per school day for overdues. 

Lost books will be assessed the replacement cost. If a book is lost and paid for, there is no fine added on top of the cost of the book. However, if the book is later found and brought in, the price of the book minus the fine will be reimbursed. 

Damaged books will be assessed the cost of repair. If the book is beyond reasonable repair, the full price will be charged. 

It is the responsibility of the student to notify us in case of absence from school so we may adjust the fine accordingly. Students absent on the day his/her book is due will not be charged any fine if the book is returned upon his/her first day returning to school.



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