Standards-Based Report Card

The Talawanda School District is pleased to announce the implementation of our K-5 Standards-Based Report Card for the 2014-2015 school year.

The purpose of the new report card is to communicate student progress toward meeting Ohio’s New Learning Standards, which include content and performance tasks. The report card also provides feedback to parents on students’ process skills. Please view the video link below which explains more about this new report card. The final draft of all of the report cards are attached below. You will also find a brochure attached below that overviews this change.  

Please feel free to contact your student's classroom teacher, building principal or Director of Teaching and Learning if you have further questions.

Joan Stidham

Director of Teaching and Learning
Talawanda Schools
131 W. Chestnut Street
Oxford, Ohio 45056

stidhamj [at]

K-5 Standards-Based Report Card Overview Video



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