Response to Instruction and Intervention

What is Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2)?

RTI2 is a framework for providing students with research-based instruction at all levels and intervention to meet the needs of all students through collaborative problem solving.  The RTI2 framework supports academic and behavioral supports in a three-tiered model based on:

            Research-based instruction for all students

            Early identification of at-risk students based on school-wide universal screenings

            Research-based differentiated instruction provided to at-risk students not responding to classroom-based instruction

            Scheduled progress monitoring of student response to differentiated instruction/intervention           

            Adjusting student instruction/intervention based on student responsiveness

At the core instructional level, all students receive instruction in the classroom with 80-90% student success rate.  At the strategic instructional level, 5-10% of students receive strategic, small group instruction in or outside of the classroom.  At the intensive level, 1-5% of students receive intensive individualized interventions. 

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