September 2016

2016.9.30 Bogan E-News

Bogan E-News - September 30, 2016

Bogan Carnival - October 8th from 5-8pm!  Thanks to our PTG for organizing and running a great time for our families.  This is one of PTG’s biggest fundraisers, please plan to come enjoy the fun and help supports Bogan students!!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: School Lunch Prices will Increase October 1st
TSD Lunch Prices Will to Increase on October 1, 2016

At the September meeting, the Talawanda Board of Education voted to increase all lunch prices by $.30.  As of October 1, 2016, the following prices will be in effect:

E-news 9/30

Happy Friday!

Thank you to Monica Schlichter, Michelle Frazier, Emily Liechty, Jill Page, Joe Schroer, Amy Clawson, Corey Watt, Sarah Watt, Laura Elliott, Jill Levenderis, Molly Farler, Chandra Ackley, Brian Revalee and Harla Isaacs for running an amazing carnival!  Thank you for all of the hard work, planning and help.  It was a great day!

Thank you to everyone that attended the carnival.  This is our biggest fundraiser for the year and it was a successful day.  Thank you for supporting the Kramer students and staff!




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