Kramer E-news 1/5/17

Happy New Year and Happy Thursday!  We wanted to share a few reminders.

Please remember that Kramer students return to school on January 9th.    

On ​January 6th there will be a Family Walk Thru from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  This will be an opportunity to walk the building and look into classrooms.  Teachers will be working in their rooms and there will not be an opportunity to meet with teachers and see the classrooms.  However, you will have an opportunity to walk around the building and look through windows into classrooms.  Please contact the Kramer office at: 513-273-3500 with any questions.

Please see the new drop-off and pickup procedures starting in January.

Please see the attachment about the visitor guidelines for the new Kramer.  We are following the same guidelines and procedures as the other Talawanda School District buildings.  

Mrs. Geshan and Mrs. Hamilton shared the following K-Kids information:

NO K-Kids meeting on Monday, January 9, 2017.  Since it is our first day in the new Kramer, we want all students to go through the dismissal procedures.  Our first meeting in 2017 will be Monday, January 23.

If you will be gone for J-Term or vacation, please get approval. If  you do not get approval your child will be marked with unexcused absences and the possibility of being cited into court.  Please email Mr. Merz:

//merzj [at]">merzj [at]

We are excited to start with students in the new building on January 9, 2017!

Jason Merz


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PDF icon Vistor Guidelines 93.34 KB



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