Fiscal Year 2015 E-Rate Information

470 Request for Proposals

Category One Services

Cellular Phone Service (posted: 12/16/2014)
Managed Interconnected Voice-Over-IP (posted: 12/16/2014)

Category Two Services

Wireless Access Points (posted: 12/16/2014)
Network Switches and Accessories (posted: 12/16/2014)
Power-Over-Ethernet Network Switches and Accessories (posted: 12/16/2014)
Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries (posted: 12/16/2014)

470 Questions and Answers

Managed Interconnected Voice-Over-IP

Jive Communications, Inc.

Question: 1. Can you supply the approx. # of classroom phones vs administrative ?

Answer: Approximately 35 administrative lines and 365 classroom phones.

Question: 2. Can you supply the # of DID’s ?

Answer: We have 600 DID's.

Mitel Networks

Question 1: In regards to the RFP for VOIP; Is this for just service or are you also evaluating new hardware?

Answer: We will need to purchase new hardware as well. However, VoIP phones and gateways are not E-Rate eligible, so those costs should unique line items on all bids.

Question 2: If you are in need of hardware as well, can you please tell me what brand of phones are currently in use and how many handsets would be needed for this project?

Answer: We currently have NEC digital phones which are not VoIP phones, so we need all new handsets. 


Question 1: Do you have a paging system or any paging zones already in place? If so, what kind of system is it? Also, would you prefer an overhead system, through the phones, or both? 

Answer: We have different intercom systems in each of our five schools. The important thing is that the VoIP system has the ability to integrate with it for an all-call through the whole school if the intercom system supports it, most likely through a line connected directly to the intercom system.

Question 2: Do you know what type of intercom system you have at each school so that I can verify compatibility with our products?

Answer: Talawanda High School: Bogen Multicom-2000, Talawanda Middle School: Dukane MCS350, Bogan Elementary: Bogen Multicom-2000, Kramer Elementary: Bogen MCDS2 rev. 421, Marshall Elementary: Carehawk CH1000.


Question 1: What is the name and model of existing telecommunication system?

Answer: NEC Univerge SV8300

Question 2: What is name and model of the Intercom System and how is it integrated with current telecommunication system?

Answer: Talawanda High School: Bogen Multicom-2000 with phone line directly connected, Talawanda Middle School: Dukane MCS350 without integration, Bogan Elementary: Bogen Multicom-2000 with phone line directly connected, Kramer Elementary: Bogen MCDS2 rev. 421 without integration, Marshall Elementary: Carehawk CH1000 with phone line directly connected.

Question 3: How many POTS lines at each building?

Answer: THS: 7, TMS: 4, Bogan: 5, Kramer: 3, Marshall: 4, Admin: 3. There are PRI's at THS as well as TMS.

Question 4: What is the provider and bandwidth of current internet circuit and are the 6 campuses share one circuit?

Answer: Internet circuit is provided by Time Warner Cable and connects us to our ITC, SWOCA. All 6 campuses share this circuit.

Question 5: How are the 6 campuses networked together (fiber, copper, or wireless)?

Answer: 1 gig or 10 gig fiber to each campus and between building IDF',s with the exception of the administrative campus. There, two buildings are connected via 300 Mbps point-to-point Wi-Fi.

Question 6: Do you want us to include network POE switches for the phones?

Answer: No. However there is a separate bid for Power-Over-Ethernet Network Switches and Accessories in the Category 2 RFP section.


Question: Can you please estimate the number of stations per physical location?

Answer: This is an estimate, but should be pretty close to the final numbers.

Totals: Admin Phones: 47 Regular Phones (includes fax lines): 351

Location Admin Phones Regular Phones Notes
Talawanda High School 10 111 Connected to intercom
Talawanda Middle School 5 83 Intercom connection desired
Bogan Elementary 3 43 Connected to intercom
Marshall Elementary 4 47 Connected to intercom
Kramer Elementary 5 57 Intercom connection desired
Admin Campus 20  10  

Frontier Communications
Question 1: What is the due date for Responses to the RFP?

Answer: No date has been set, but bids will be evaluated no sooner than February 1st.

Can site surveys be accommodated for vendors?

Answer: Yes, any SP that would like to come on-site for a site survey is welcome to. Visits will be limited to a maximum of two hours per SP.

Networks Switches and Accessories

Forward Edge

Question: What switches will the (4) SFP-10G-LR models be plugged into?

Answer: These will be used to connect the Cisco 4510R+E switch at THS to Bogan and Marshall. The appropriate line card is already installed. At Bogan and Marshall they will connect to Cisco WS-C2960S-48FPD-L switches.

Wireless Access Points

Mobile Technical Services

Question 1: Do you need the hive manager online license and if so how many years 1yr/3yr/5yr?

Answer: No, we have a HiveManager Virtual Appliance on-premises.

Question 2: If no to Hive Manager, then you have a VM.  Those license require at least 1yr of 8x5 Support.  Do you want 1yr/3yr or 5yr 8x5 phone, software & Email support and RTF Hardware replacement option if you are buying VM licenses?

Answer: 3 years of 8x5 support, but include this as a separate line item for cost allocation purposes.

Concord Technology Group

Question 1: Are you 100% sold on the Aerohive solution? I’m not knocking it as I am a partner, but I also partner with Xirrus Corporation and I have several large Primary/Secondary deployments in Ohio with them. Thoughts?

Answer: Per E-Rate rules the RFP is vendor-neutral. All bids from equivalent vendors will be considered. Our WLAN is almost entirely Aerohive, and we have been pleased with their solution.

Question 2: How many Aerohive AP’s do you currently have deployed?

Answer: We have deployed 156 Aerohive AP's.

Question 3: In your third bullet point you are asking for support for the AP’s. Do you have Hive Manager Online or do you have Hive Manager on premise?

Answer: We have a HiveManager Virtual Appliance on-premises.



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