Fiscal Year 2016 E-Rate Information

470 Questions and Answers

CDI Computer Dealers Inc.
Question: Joan, we have questions with regards to the above noted E-Rate Application as follows:

1.       Will submissions with recertified equipment be accepted?
              Answer: No, will require new in-box.

2.       If the District will only accept new product, does the vendor need to be an authorized reseller?
              Answer: Yes, we will require authorized reseller.

3.    Will the District accept partial bids on hardware, i.e. bids on Cisco equipment and excluding Aerohive?
              Answer: Yes, we will accept partial bids on the hardware.

Question: We are a global leader in network security and secure wireless solutions for the education market.  Our solutions include Next Generation Firewalls, multi-architecture wireless solutions, Switches, DDoS attack protection and web caching solutions.

We are interested in learning more about your above referenced Form 470 for wireless access points in C2 but require more information to help us determine if we should provide a quote.  Is this project to add to/expand on an existing Aerohive wireless infrastructure of access points?
          Answer: Yes, this is an expansion of existing infrastructure. 

Question: With reference to the above E-Rate Application. Which support option for the Aerohive Access Points are you looking for? Please advise. Thank you!
          Answer: We will require 3 year support. 

Datacom Specialists
Q #1: How did you arrive at the specs for this bid and was there a certified engineer involved?
-       Outside consultation / In-house engineer / Manufacturer rep?
         Answer: We used an outside consultant.

Q #2: Which vendor do you normally purchase this equipment from?
         Answer: We do not have a preferred vendor.
-       When was the last time you purchased from them?
         Answer: The last time we purchased network switches was in 2012
-       Are they your vendor of choice?
        Answer: We typically go with the lowest responsible vendor.
-       How often do you purchase this type of equipment from other vendors?
        Answer: We typically purchase networking equipment when we have a need.

Q #3: Which vendor normally installs this equipment for you?
         Answer: We install the equipment and our ITC will configure them for us.
-       When was the last time you purchased services from them?
        Answer: Our networking equipment is under a maintenance contract with our ITC
-       Have they been your preferred vendor?
        Answer: Yes 
-       How often do you purchase this type of service from other vendors?
        Answer: Not very often our ITC solution is very good. 

Q #4: If you do not get the Category 2 funding, do you still plan on moving forward with these purchases?
         Answer: The cost would be prohibitive.

Q #5: I am curious as to why you specifically listed Aerohive for your project and are you open to other brands instead of Aerohive such as Aruba, Xirrus, Cisco, etc.?
         Answer: We currently have a large deployment of Aerohive products. It would be easier to manager vs having several different vendors.  

Q #6: Do you currently have a contract with the vendor that sold you your current Aerohive equipment or are you able to purchase the wireless equipment from other Aerohive vendors as well?
         Answer: We are not under contract. We are able to purchase from any reasonable vendor. 

Q #7: Will you accept partial bids where bidders can quote the Cisco equipment only and not have to quote the Aerohive equipment too or vice versa or does the bidder have to quote everything listed?
         Answer: Yes, we will accept partial bids on the hardware.



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