English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL) is an educational approach which addresses the needs of limited English proficient students through tutoring and classroom instruction in English rather than a student’s native language. Students may be pulled from their classrooms in order to work individually or in small groups with an ESL teacher. For the remainder of the school day, students learn with their peers in a general education setting. ESL classes focus on language acquisition, English grammar, and promote natural communication activities (ie. free conversation, games, and discussions surrounding familiar topics). Reading and writing are practiced, as well as oral communication skills in English. 

Student are identified for Talawanda’s ESL program based upon the results of the Idea Proficiency Test (IPT), which is administered to any student whose family indicates a second language on the Home Language Survey. If a child’s scores indicate moderate to advanced levels of English proficiency, students may be monitored through consultation with general education teachers. However, if a student scores in the low range on the IPT, additional support will be provided through the ESL teacher. 

In addition to participating in state achievement and graduation tests, all English Language Learners (ELLs) are required by law to be assessed in the spring in order to measure their progress regarding language acquisition. Talawanda students in grades K-12 are annually tested using the OTELA (Ohio Test of English Language Acquisition) between the months of January and March.

ESL Coordinator: Linda Bucher         bucherl [at] talawanda.org

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