Blizzard Bags

Dear Bogan Families,

Recently the Talawanda Board of Education approved a resolution that will allow us to make up three calamity days with the use of “blizzard bags.”  For our students at Bogan this means that, should we have a 6th, 7th, or 8th calamity day, your child’s homeroom teacher will send an email to you on these days with the subject “Blizzard Bag #1/2/3 – Teacher Name.”  In the email you will find a list of assignments for your child to complete.  

The idea is that your child should complete the work on the calamity day but they have two weeks to complete the work if needed.  For families who do not have email or do not have a way to print out any attached worksheets, we will attempt to send home copies in advance of an anticipated calamity day.  However, if this does not occur the student will receive copies when they return.  Again all students will have two weeks to complete the work.

Thank you for your attention and we hope this will be one option to keep our students focused on learning when we have to use calamity days for the safety of our students.


Mrs. Teresa Woodin

Bogan Blizzard Bags



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