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  • Mrs. Fitzgerald's Class
  • 2016 TSD Teacher of the Year- Larry Brock
  • 2016 Teacher of the Year Nominees
  • 30 years in Education- Krista Hitchcock
  • 2016 Teckman Award Winner- Kari King


  • Students in Mrs. Fitgerald's class read the book, "Tug of War" and played tug of war after reading the book.

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  • Larry Brock photographed with Lindsey Gregg & Mike Malone

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  • Photo: Mark Butterfield, Lena Fritzche, Danette Hickey, Brian Oberschlake, Larry Brock, Andy Zimmerman, and Kelly Spivey

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  • Photo- Kelly Spivey & Krista Hitchcock

    Not photographed: 

    35 Years: Calvin Niehoff

    30 Years: Janelle Rainey & Cindy Kettlewell

    25 Years: Audra Drake & Pat Schroer

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  • Photo: Catherine Hollins & Kari King

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Talawanda EMPOWERS Every Learner Every Day


Talawanda will be a collaborative, flexible, inviting community where innovation guides learning inside and outside of the school walls.

Report Card Information

  • Indicators Met: Achieved 30 out of 33 indicators = A Rating
  • Performance Index: 94.6 out of 120 = C Rating
  • Gap Closing: (subgroup performance compared to all) = B Rating
  • Overall Progress: (value added) = F Rating
  • Four Year Graduation Rate: 96.5% = A Rating
  • Scored above the State and National Average on the ACT



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